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About Legend

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Legend show room for reactive glaze dinner set

Our Story

  • Hunan Legend Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Liling, Hunan China in 2014. We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic dinnerware, specializing in reactive color glaze tabletops. The word 'Legend' in Chinese embodies the inheritance of excellent quality, technique, and spirits, which reflects our commitment to providing high-quality ceramic dinnerware.

  • Our factory has a long and rich history.

  • In 1966, it was founded as the Jiashu Factory, a pottery township factory.

  • In 1987, it started making high-temperature reactive color glaze tableware.

  • In 1994, it was established as a joint venture by Malaysia New Hualian Group Co., Ltd., and the company became known as Hunan Hualian.

  • In 2014, the company restructured and became known as Hunan Legend Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd., marking the start of a new chapter in our story.

Legend sample hall for stoneware crockery

Our Team and Production

  • Our founder, management team, and over 80% of our staff have worked for Hualian for a long time, making them highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area. We inherit the technique, equipment, and management standard of Hualian while continuing to develop and innovate.
  • Our factory consists of eight flat production buildings, covering an area of 23,000 square meters. We have 243 employees who create stunning stoneware dinner set items that are exported worldwide. We are continuously developing and expanding our production capacity, with plans to install a 100-meter-long kiln that will double our production capacity.
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Our Certifications and Products

  • We are qualified with BSCI and ICS audits, and our products are tested food safe. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small items like plates and bowls to large serving ware such as water jugs, tea pots, and serving platters. Our materials include rustic terracotta clay, traditional white stoneware, and crack clay, while our glazes vary in different finishes and colors. We welcome your ideas and requirements and have a strong developing ability to meet them.

Clients and Exhibitions

  • We attend Canton Fair, Industry Trade show, and oversea exhibition, and bring the newest development to you.
Photo with client in Canton Fair
Newly launch in Canton fair
Visit of clients from different countries in the show
The exhibition pictures of Hunan Legend Porcelain Industry Co.,ltd
Exhibition of daily ceramic
Show of stoneware tabletop

Legend Factory

  • Our factory is with over 30 years of experience in dinnerware and reactive glaze production. The workers are very skilled at the work site. And the technicians specialized in doing various kinds of formulas to create wonderful glaze finishes. We have thousands of molds to do different shapes and continue to design new shapes to enrich your choices.
Bisque wait firing
Bisque wait firing
Cubic kiln
Cubic kiln
Long kiln
Long kiln
Mass goods
Mass goods

Legend Team

  • The development of Legend is attributed to the good teams of management, production, sales, finance, etc. They are experienced and dedicated to the work. We have different activities, training courses, and rewards to increase team cohesiveness and keep us improving.
The leader of Hunan Legend Porcelain Industry Co., ltd
Annual summary of Legend
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