The Magic of Hunan Legend Ceramic Dinnerware Manufacturers

Discover the world of ceramic dinnerware with the Hunan Legend Ceramic Dinnerware Manufacturers. Our dinner sets including mugs, dinner plates, and ceramic salad bowls are uniquely designed in a manner that stays true to nature.


With that said, let’s take a closer look at our ceramic salad bowls and dinner sets!

Reactive Glaze Ceramic Salad Bowl Set

The 3 Color Glossy Reactive Glaze set by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers possesses a remarkable ability to evolve and give stunning multi-color effects that captivate the eye. With a collection that comprises a dinner plate, a mug, and a ceramic salad bowl and plate, this 3 color glossy reactive glaze set is the perfect addition to any home.

ceramic salad bowl

The Blue Reactive Glaze Dinner Sets are crafted with acute attention to detail by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers. The distinctive blue reactive glaze displays swirling patterns and varying shades of blue which makes salad bowls and salad plates unique and elevates the starter of your meals.

ceramic salad bowl

With a variety of colors to choose from, the glossy finish achieved through reactive glaze enhances the colors, making them more vibrant and eye-catching. If you’re looking to invest in a complete dinnerware set, consider the 16-piece collection featuring glossy reactive glaze and white hand-painted circles. From dinner plates to salad bowls, bowls, and mugs, this comprehensive set has it all.

Stoneware Dinner Set

The raw color stoneware material by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers stands out for its natural, warm feeling. With two color options available, you can choose the one that matches most with your style.


Color stoneware dinnerware with a double reactive glaze has a raw color that ensures a natural feeling, while the matte dual-layer reactive glaze adds depth and character to each ceramic salad bowl with three color options to choose from.


For a touch of elegance and sophistication, consider the round dinnerware in terracotta stoneware by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers. The reactive light blue glaze adds a subtle touch of color, while the thick, high-quality, lead-free stoneware ensures durability and safety of your salad bowls.

ceramic salad bowl

Lastly, for those who prefer a pristine and classic look, the white reactive glaze on color stoneware set is a timeless choice. The glossy reactive glaze provides a polished finish on the salad bowls, while the rustic color stoneware material maintains its natural rustic edge.

Crackle Glaze Set

One of the intriguing aspects of crackle glaze is its versatility. The peeling and crackled appearance of the ceramic salad bowl brings about a sense of charm, making it a popular choice for antiquing enthusiasts.


The 16-Piece Dinnerware Set in crackle glaze by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers is crafted with precision and care and each piece in this set boasts unique crackle patterns on salad bowls that will add a touch of art to your table.

ceramic salad bowl

Solid Glaze Set

If you’re seeking a touch of artistic flair, solid glaze stoneware salad bowl set by our ceramic dinnerware manufacturers with speckles is the answer. Complete with a mug, dinner plate, ceramic salad bowl and plate, this solid glaze dinner set is the complete package for people who like color on their dinner tables.

ceramic salad bowl


The Hunan Legend Ceramic Dinnerware Manufacturers offer a diverse range of ceramic salad bowls that showcase the magic of reactive glazes, stoneware, crackle glaze, and solid glazes.


For more details, visit Hunan Legend’s website by clicking here!


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